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Dorfman Abrams Music is a CPA and advisory firm serving the greater New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. We provide tax, accounting and advisory services to a wide range of organizations. Our professionals strive to become more than your CPA; we take that extra step to become part of your success team. Our clients view us as advisors, friends and professionals that help keep their organizations on the right path.

Problem Solvers

Innovative Solutions: We view every obstacle and challenge as an opportunity for improvement. Our team provides unique perspectives that focus on finding solutions and staying committed to forward looking strategies.

Personalized Service: We get to know our clients and their industries. Our professionals create strong relationships by providing exceptional service, analysis and education to help clients interpret and use financial reports so they can better manage their needs. We do the little things that make a difference.

Communicative: We communicate with our clients frequently and listen to what they have to say. Our professionals respond to calls and emails and reach out to ensure clients keep moving forward toward their goal. We are accessible and responsive to your needs.

Why Dorfman Abrams Music?

We create relationships and become the trusted advisor for our clients. Our professionals use accounting, tax and financial reporting as tools that support our main service, which is to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Along the way we help you manage risk, refine profitability and make it easier for you to stay focused on the critical issues that make your organization thrive.


Services for Businesses:


A Diverse Client Base

Our clients range from emerging companies to well-established entities. They have different goals, interests and comfort levels when it comes to risk and finances. We design and implement accounting systems, budgets and forecasts in the early years; help transition through strategic planning and employee management issues during growth stages, and work with you to create a secure succession or exit strategy as your organization matures.

One Common Thread Our Clients Share

They desire a high level of personalized service and a relationship that provides value!


Our Offer

What If…

There was a better way? If we could show you a different path, would you consider doing business with our firm? Our offer is our method of demonstrating how we can help make your day easier and organization more profitable.

Let’s Talk

Our Financial Statement Review is a risk-free assessment that helps us determine how we can add more value. This comprehensive evaluation reviews your:

  1. Tax Return Review. A 3 year review of your tax returns to explore current tax positions and opportunities.
  2. Financial Statement Review. A 2 year review of your financial statements to gain an understanding of the critical elements that drive your business.

The Deliverable

We provide an Executive Overview identifying key elements and obstacles that might be slowing progress. We estimate the written assessment process delivered within 2 weeks.

Contact us to discuss these offers or to arrange a time for us to conduct these services for you. Our Managing Partner, Robert Puleo, can be reached at rpuleo@dorfman.com


Move Ahead in Your Career

We are an established, high-quality CPA and advisory firm. Our diverse client base and set of services creates the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of services and industries in companies of varying sizes. Whether you are a new graduate seeking to begin a career or an established professional looking to find a firm where there is depth to support your needs, we make an excellent fit.

Current Students

Dorfman Abrams Music offers valuable internships to current students seeking to work at an established firm with a large client base.

Recent Graduates

We have the opportunities to take your training to the next level. Our firm is always seeking talented individuals looking to take the next step and expand their horizons.

Established Professionals

We realize that obtaining and retaining great talent is an integral part of what we do. CPAs in another firm seeking a new challenge are always welcome to begin a conversation about how we can work together. If you have a firm and are looking for a transition plan, or just want to grow faster, please contact us to learn more.


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